Google allowing to access maps to developers of the Pokémon Go

The locations based games are trendy now. The trend was started by the games like Pokémon Go, Walking Dead, and Jurassic World. These games are based on the timing and locations – to play these games user need the access to Google Maps.

Today Google announced that they are allowing to access the Google Maps to develop next some chapters of the game. Also, to create some more and interesting chapters the developers were asking for the permission to access Google Map.

so next episode of Pokémon Go will be on the way to launch. The game is divided into parts such as login and allow to locate the mobile device. Second, launching the software development kit for Unity.

Clementine Jacoby, product development manager said that they are creating API so that they won’t need the aces to maps. Additionally, developers can create the game plot and experiences around the real world locations anywhere on the Earth.

Unity integration will offer a permission to developers for customizing the maps and achieve great deal and control on the game. As if the things like building, roads are turned in to objects, so that developers would change these in the engine. Even, developers showed a demo in the real-world, as the building was turned into landscapes, complete with dragons and assets.

Jacoby added that they were aiming to help developers to build using Maps data as a database. Their developers are able to transfer any building into fantasy building such as a hospital, high-end restaurants, and hotels or almost everything. As the developers just have to spot the place and turn it into something else.

Patrick Donelan, the lead engineer on the game said that this way of fantasy and turning places into something exclusive can create a unique gameplay and offer an attractive environment which is based on the real world.

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