Google’s Chrome has many features that make Chrome unique and best

Google has released an update with many new features that include the ability to mute site permanently that plays the annoying videos automatically. Updates of Google Chrome consist of bug fixes and other security settings that will make internet surfing easy and less annoying.

Google is working to make the browser simpler and attractive to search on. The usual updates of Chrome are related to a solution on bugs. However, this update includes major changes and settings.

These settings and advanced features can be accessed by right-clicking on the tab and selecting “mute site” option. It can also be accessed from the padlock in the address bar on left end by selecting “sound” and then “block”. This feature can block the site from the incognito mode.

These means user have to unblock site if they want to access the site from Chrome. Now, this feature will lead to make surfing easier and less annoying as well. Additionally, it will avoid disturbances in playing music and eliminate auto-play video which improves the browsing experience.

Earlier, the search giant has announced to block and flag all the contaminated sites with the help of this update of the Chrome. The company is offering the incomparable search option to users. Many users avoided the sites that were contaminated and having robust advertisements.

The browser can block some site for some duration, whenever the user needs to access these sites they can unblock and access the site. Additionally, with this feature, the update includes other features such as easy account login and safe way of remembering passwords.

Many users appreciated the update of Chrome and said that they feel the company is offering many features which will help them to browse easily. An update to Chrome is a temporary fix the problem of the flagged site or the site which contain unwanted content.

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