Oracle’s copyright case – Google owes US$8.8 billion

Oracle filed a lawsuit under copyright issues on the Google. The US Court of Appeal for Federal Circuit said Google used the Java development platform by Oracle which was not authorized. It was used while developing the Android operating system. This was not protected and comes under the provision of copyright law imposed in 2016.

The US Court of Appeal for Federal Circuit confirmed Google as convictable and sent the case back to the US judge based in San Francisco for the further trial and to decide the compensation for the search engine giant. Earlier, the Oracle has claimed for the US$ 9 billion for the recovery of damage.

Patrick Lenihan the spokesperson of the Google said they are disappointed with the decision as the Java is free and open for everyone and yet the jury found them guilty. This type of decisions will increase the cost of software and online apps.

Dorian Daley the general counsel of Oracle said that the court has confirmed the violation of laws by Google. The decision of the court will help to protect the creators and consumers from this violation of rights.

The lawsuit was filed in 2010, after the acquisition of the leading company that built the Java language – Sun Microsystems. In 2012, the district court confirmed that the APIs do no comes under the copyright issues and claimed the use of the Java by Google as ‘fair’. Also, in 2016, the jury offered the same. Yet, the Oracle Corp appealed against the decision of the jury. Lastly, the appeal court confirmed the decision against the search giant.

The Google used the Java platform to design the Android operating system which is used in the most of the smartphones. For the design, the Google will be paying a royalty to the Oracle.

In an interview, Matthew Sarboraria the Vice President and associate general counsel of Oracle said that with this decision for copyright protection, they created the huge platform for the developers to innovate new designs.

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