a new study found that night owls can improve their mental health by changing sleeping patterns

A New Study Found That Night Owls Can Improve Their Mental Health By Changing Sleeping Patterns


When it comes to working, many people follow the daily routine of waking up early and doing their daily work. However, when it comes to sleeping, some people call themselves night owls because they stay awake in the night. Now researchers think since their sleeping pattern is causing them lots of mental health problem, they should slightly change their sleeping pattern. Even a slight change in sleeping pattern can improve their mental health and reduced the risk of going into depression or anxiety. Night owls are those individuals who sleep at around 2:30-3 AM and wake up late in the morning.

Now such type of sleeping behaviour is hazardous for mental health because it increases the chances of getting depression. Late sleeping results in various problems because people usually change their eating schedule also. Experts think this type of behaviour leads to severe cases of depression and anxiety and instead of taking medicines, they should try to change their sleeping patterns.

Depression has become one of the leading mental health problems in the USA because many teenagers and youngsters are going through some tough phase. Now researchers think the night owls who spend most of their time awake in the night should try to extend their sleep schedule by two hours. Those who slept two hours more got lots of benefits in their mental health, and they felt more energized than before. People don’t give that much importance to small things like sleeping pattern, but it’s more important than any other things. Researchers of this health study think teenagers should try to avoid using social media at night because it’s affecting their mental health a lot. Even though night owls don’t want to change their sleeping behaviour, they should definitely change their sleeping pattern.


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