A Person Called Police Station When He Didn’t Receive His Order From Taco Bells

A Person Called Police Station When He Didn’t Receive His Order From Taco Bells


The food can make everyone hungry, but sometimes it might make you angry also. Well, something like that has happened in Louisiana. According to police reports, a person called them to describe his problem, and he said that Bells didn’t give him his order and wanted to file a case against them under “travesty”. After the call, The Slidell Police Department shared this whole story on their twitter page saying they can’t solve those which have been made up by a person.

The post of The Slidell Police Department said that “somebody called in to complain that Taco Bells have run out of hard and soft taco bells.” Even though this whole case fits into the “travesty” police can’t say do anything about it the post further mentioned this. Things like has already happened earlier also because people who wants to have some fun might call police department to complaint about those companies which haven’t deliver them their desired food.

In 2017 at McDonald’s in Indianapolis saw that two customers were fighting each other when they got to know that McDonald’s is running out of their desired food items. Also In 1999, then-University of Kansas player Dion Rayford crawl through Taco Bell drive-through window to “talk” to those employees who forgot to put chalupa in his order. Incidents like these are becoming very common where customers are showing their angry reaction company for not serving their desired food items. Nowadays, things like goes viral on social media and some people even do these things to get media attention. As of now, we don’t know whether the person who wanted to complain against taco bells for “travesty” did it on purpose or not. But we still haven’t received any official comment from Taco Bells regarding this issue.

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