A Plan from Google and Verily to Kill Mosquitoes

A Plan from Google and Verily to Kill Mosquitoes


American researchers are attacking mosquitoes that suck blood, in Fresno County of California. It is the first series of attacks in an unlikely war for the parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc. The war is to get rid of the diseases, which are caused by mosquitoes all around the world. There is a breed of male mosquitoes named Aedes Aegypti. These destructive insects are small, having a wingspan of only a few millimeters. Verily Life Sciences are a unit of Alphabet. A Senior Scientist of Verily, Jacob Crawford was riding the car with Parkes. He started to describe a technique to control mosquitoes with immense potential. These typical worms like parasites’ breeding ground are in the very high-tech surroundings of the automated mosquito rearing system of Verily, around 200 miles away in the Southern part of San Francisco. They got infected with a common bacterium named Wolbachia.

Eradication of diseases caused by mosquitoes is an extremely serious stuff for Alphabet. Now, with the help of Verily and other branches of the organization, Alphabet is carrying out investigations on smart contact lenses, artificial intelligence applications for health care and the molecular mechanisms of how one gets aged. Verily protects their technology very closely. Still, it feels that if they succeed in making the control of mosquitoes easy and cheap, then they could have a profitable offering in their hands. Quite a number of governments and businesses around the globe might be happy to pay for solving the problems of mosquitoes.

Now with this year’s season drawing to a close, the company has still to decide on whether they will look for further expansion of the program next year. Still, Verily will not say exactly how much is the expense for manufacturing and releasing thousands of mosquitoes every single day. It can be easily assumed that the proposition is indeed quite expensive. The scientist from Verily, Crawford said that the crucial aspect is to try and conduct a program such as this in an affordable and efficient manner. This would help them to go off to places where there is not much funding.

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