A Rare Celestial Event with Supermoon and Blood Moon Coinciding

A Rare Celestial Event with Supermoon and Blood Moon Coinciding


People across the US will be able to view a rare celestial event in January next year. A supermoon is all set to come up along with the ‘Blood Moon’ during the Total Lunar Eclipse in 2019. This is going to be the only total lunar eclipse of 2019. The last that occurred was on 27th July of this year and the next one will not place till the year 2021. Total Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon. In other words, it means that the Moon is lying in the shadow of the Earth.

The Royal Museums Greenwich of the United Kingdom explained the phenomenon of Total Lunar Eclipse. He said that during the eclipse, the Moon generally tends to turn a deep, dark red as it gets illuminated by the light that has gone through the atmosphere of the Earth and then managed to bend back towards the Moon by way of refraction. The upcoming total lunar eclipse in January is special as it is also going to be a supermoon. A supermoon is a phenomenon where a full moon manages to coincide with its nearest approach to our planet, which is known as the perigee. Hence, this makes the Moon look much bigger than normal. The two events only mean that in January, people will witness a super blood moon. The planetary scientist of NASA, Rick Elphic said it was quite unusual to get a total solar eclipse and a supermoon fall so closely one after another.

As per a website, the 2019 January’s total lunar eclipse will be visible from a place like North and South America as well as from western regions for Europe and Africa. Rick Elphic said the use of binoculars will be the ideal way for stargazers to look at the celestial event. The Old Farmer’s Alama said that the full moon in January is also regarded as the Full Wolf Moon. Native Americans and Colonials of the earlier periods had given this named as wolves start to howl outside at night out of hunger. January will start off, the first of the three supermoons. The other two will occur on 19th February and on 21st March.

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