A Rare Public Warning From Beijingover Serious Crisis of Swine Fever

A Rare Public Warning From Beijing over Serious Crisis of Swine Fever


The authorities of China have made an announcement regarding some new strict measures. It is their attempt towards stalling the rapidly growing crisis of African Swine Flu in China. The flu has spread across 18 provinces and hence led to the slaughter of more than 200,000 pigs. Only a few days had passed when the concerned authorities had acknowledged the seriousness of this situation. The Agricultural Ministry of China on Friday reported the first ever outbreak of the disease in a farm consisting of 40 pigs in Sichuan, the south-western province. The news is particularly a cause of concern for the officials. It is so because Sichuan happens to be the region, which produces the highest number of swine in China.

The disease does not go on to pose any direct danger to human health. On Wednesday, a rare joint document was issued by Public Security and the Ministries of Agriculture and Transportation. The government clearly blamed the unhygienic vehicles that transport pigs and lawless elements that are driven by profit, which move animals out of areas that are highly risky for the rapid spread of the disease. The directive basically called for far more strict inspections of all vehicles that are used for the transportation of livestock all around the country. Plus they even went to seek harsher punishments for the transportation as well as for the illegal slaughter of pigs. The document comes through after the United Nations recently issued warnings that the disease is here for the long haul and might turn into an epidemic.

According to the United Nations, African swine fever that does not have any vaccine or cure. It was first detected back in August last year in an area in Siberia. In October, the Chinese authorities banned kitchen waste from getting fed to pigs as it linked this widely used practice to most of the cases of Swine Flu. They have even announced their plans of setting up a registration system for vehicles, which transport the livestock. There has been enough recognition from the United Nations to the efforts put in by China to stop the diseases from getting spread. Even after this, some experts remain skeptical of Beijing’s ability to get things under control.

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