a survey found that one in five americans get hurt by someone else’s drinking

A Survey Found That One In Five Americans Get Hurt By Someone Else’s Drinking


In the United States of America, people have died because of various reasons, and one of them drinking alcohol. Now a recent report shows that more people have been killed because of someone else’s consumption of alcohol. It’s estimated that alcohol drinkers have caused more problems to other nondrinkers in various forms. In general, people think smoking cigarettes or related things are causing more problems to nondrinkers from addictive people, but that’s not true. Many researchers are studying the side effects of drinking, and they have learnt that people need to be more careful from hard drinkers.

The troubled caused by alcohol drinkers has increased significantly in the form of accidents or murders or anything else, and many people are still ignorant about it. In a survey of more than 8000 adults who were aged between 18-31 were studied, and it’s been found that more than 21% of people have experienced some harm from alcohol drinkers.

It’s true that these harms were all different types and experienced ultimately by different genders according to the situation. Women are most likely to get harmed by those who are close to them as their partner or husband, and for men, it’s completely different. In the majority of the cases, men got in trouble from strangers in the form of fight or accidents. Youngsters are those people drink more than others have relatively faced a higher percentage of these problems. Many hard drinkers are unaware that they are causing any problems for other people, and that’s why researchers think this case study needs more public awareness. There needs to be more social awareness about the issues caused by heavy drinkers not only to themselves but to others as well.

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