According To Google Cutting Off Huawei From Huawei Might Bring More Security Problems


When it comes to geopolitical situations like trade war, the impact of such things directly goes on large companies. According to reports, it’s been found that Google is now seriously worried about the trade ban which trump administration has put on it. Under this trade ban on Huawei, no company in the USA is allowed to do any business with Chinese tech giant company. As a result of such thing, Google canceled the license of Android to Huawei; however, that’s just short term solution.

Now Google thinks the significant problem might arise from Huawei if they successfully used forked android version to build up their smartphones. We know that Huawei is not allowed to use Android OS in their smartphones, but since Android is open source license, they can quickly come with a forked version of it. There are many companies which are using such type of version of Android because it gives them complete control over the Android operating system.

One of the worst possible hypothetical situations is that Huawei developed a top-notching forked android version and used it in its smartphones. Now since it won’t have “Google Play Protect” that OS might not be able to scan for malware, viruses, and security threat. Google play services are used by the company to detect any security threat which apps on play store might be offering to its users. However, if Huawei comes with such type of forked version of Android where Google has no control of it, then it would create more problems of security threat. Anyone can send private information through such devices since no one would have control over those things, and Google is anxious about it. If users get access to such smartphones, then it would ultimately make Huawei more potent than it was before.


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