americans are more interested in buying suvs and very less in minivan

Americans Are More Interested in Buying SUVs and Very Less In Minivan


The world is changing at a faster rate than anyone’s expectations, and demand for cars is also changing. A decade ago many Americans used to buy minivans which became a significant part of an ordinary suburban family, however now the time has changed. Since we see a new type of grand SUVs, people are less interested in old minivans. There was a time when people used to buy vans for their whole family but now since SUVs are more comfortable for an average American, they prefer it more than old minivans. Fiat Chrysler is that company which brought revolution by bringing first of its kind minivan many years ago.

Now since the company is planning to shut down the operation of such models, one can say that time of minivan has come. If we go sales wise, then the condition of vans demand is worse because in first quarter of 2019 the sales percentage of minivans stood at only 2.6%. One of the critical failures of these minivans is because of a shift of people’s interest in SUVs and crossovers.

An average family likes to own an SUV rather than an old piece of a car which is not making them feel productive enough. When you don’t have that much family members, then you can quickly get along with an SUV since it offers you a considerable amount of space plus it comes at the same price. Market share of minivans is decreasing every year, and from last one decade, old vans have lost more than 35% of total market share. Now automakers are also behaving according to their customers demand because of which many car companies have opted to build less amount of minivans in last five years. They tend to increase their production of SUVs and investing a considerable amount of money into making self-driving electric vehicles. The car industry has always been changing, but minivan, which was once a massive part of typical Americans family is no longer have such type of value.

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