Anonymous Bidder Is Going To Pay $4.57 Million To Have Lunch With Warren Buffet

Anonymous Bidder Is Going To Pay $4.57 Million To Have Lunch With Warren Buffet


People have a weird habit of spending money because you might have heard lots of stories about such type of people. However, some might spend a tremendous amount of money on expensive yet valuable things. Recently it’s been reported that an anonymous bidder has agreed to pay more than $4.57 million to have lunch with Warren Buffet. In investing Warren Buffett is considered as the god of it because of the vast amount of portfolio he has created. Berkshire Hathaway is that company which is famous for giving a massive amount of returns to its investors that too continuously.

On eBay, the bid for having a dinner with Warren Buffett started a few days ago and this year’s proposal to have lunch with Buffett has crossed record. Earlier a person agreed to pay $3.5 million to have dinner with Warren Buffett, and now the value of that dinner is increased by more than 1 million dollars. Everyone who wants to save money and increase their wealth would love to have a discussion with Warren Buffett who knows so much about investment. We Still haven’t received any information about the bidder since he has decided to go anonymous. The five-day auction was held live on eBay, which ended on Friday night with an unknown person willing to pay more than 4.57 million dollars.

Warren Buffet is famous for his philanthropic work, and that’s why all the proceeding which he is going to receive from this auction will be going to a charity. Glide Foundation, which is a San Francisco based charity, is helping needy, homeless children who are going through abusive problems. It seems like the anonymous person is rich enough to spend such a massive amount of money on a single dinner. However, it will be interesting to see what kind of valuable lessons he is going to get from legendary Warren Buffett.

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