Apple CEO Tim Cook Comes Out in Defence of the Google Search Deal

Apple CEO Tim Cook Comes Out in Defence of the Google Search Deal


The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook is always finding out ways to explain why his organization is better off in matters related to privacy than Facebook and Google. As we all know, both Facebook and Google have been covered up in data scandals recently. Tim Cook said that personal information is getting used as a weapon, with military precision against them. It was quite evident, who he was referring to. His intended targets were the social media giant, Facebook and the search engine giant, Google. Whatever be the case, the reality is far more complicated than this.

Despite Apple not having a specific targeted advertising business, still, it manages to stock in the applications of Facebook in their App Store. Moreover, it even goes on to receive billions from Google to make it serve as the search engine by default on their platforms. In an interview, Cook was asked why Apple receives cash from Google in return for putting their search engine right up front and center on the iPhone. As a result of this, it has an effect of serving up as a vessel for it to gather more data. Cook simply replied by saying that, according to him, the search engine of Google is the best. Though it was not long before he went on to admit that the partnership between Apple and Google is not perfect.

Tim Cook then went on to list out the measures regarding the security, which Apple has managed to add on to Safari, for enabling users to navigate the search engine in a better manner. He stressed on to take a look at the work they have done with the kind of controls built. Apple has ensured private browsing facility. The CEO even said that they have an intelligent tracker prevention at their disposal. Cook further went on to say that Apple has tried to come up with different avenues to help their users go through the course of the day. Still, he feels that things are not perfect but will surely go a long way towards helping out people.

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