Apple Removes Tumblr Over Child Pornography Issue

Apple Removes Tumblr Over Child Pornography Issue


The tech giant Apple has removed micro blogging and social networking app Tumblr microblogging store. Tumblr says that the child pornography was the chief reason behind its sudden disappearance from Apple’s app store. The application has been missing from the iOS store since November 16, but the reason was unclear till now. Initially the social networking website simply said that they’re working to resolve the issue with the iOS app store. Although, after revealed sources claiming that the reason for Tumblr removal was associated with the discovery of child pornography on the app, later the Yahoo-owned social media network confirmed the same.

In its latest statement, the social media network said that whatever image is uploaded on the platform is scanned against an industry database of child sexual abuse stuff to filter out clear and clean images. Though Tumblr stated in a blog post that the content was immediately deleted, its application continues to be disappearing on the App store. However, the app is available on Google Play Store for Android users.

The social networking site has a reputation for permitting sexually-themed content to be shared on its platform. This is the reason that it was briefly banned in Indonesia. Even South Korea has also asked to improve the services on moderating adult content. Nevertheless, child pornography is entirely a different matter. Apple clearly stated its iOS guidelines that all apps must have a content filter and it seems that Tumblr’s present system wasn’t up to the mark. However, the company says that getting its application reinstated is its top priority.  This is not the first time an eminent app has been deleted from the App store for prohibited material. In the month of February, Apple removed Telegram from its iOS for violating the developer guidelines. However, when Telegram fell foul of the company’s guidelines, the application was back on the App store within a day.

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