Atlantis is Found and it Has Led to the Irritation of the Scientists

Atlantis is Found and it Has Led to the Irritation of the Scientists


Almost 2400 years ago, Plato described Atlantis as a very big state. It had 10,000 chariots, advanced technologies, a huge number of elephants and bulls along with a series of complex canals. In a new documentary, a group based in the UK has claimed to have made the discovery of the ruins of this highly flourishing society of a time, on which the Atlantic coast of Spain dwells. A number of researchers, who got interviewed by Live Science, could hardly restrain from showing irritation as and when they heard the news of another discovery of Atlantis. One professor of anthropology at Central Connecticut State University, Ken Feder said that if the news is indeed correct, then it is quite remarkable but still there is a sense of irritation.

There is a lot of debate going around if Atlantis ever had any existence in reality. Plato went on to describe this ancient society around the time of 360 B.C. He wrote that a politician by the name of Critias managed to hear about the society through a game of historic telephone that goes back to ancient Egypt. Atlantis managed to serve as the appropriate example of a society, which had become corrupt due to their material possessions, advanced technology and military prowess. For a number of centuries, scholars have looked at the writings of Platoon Atlantis as allegory. That outlook changed back in the year 1882, when the US Representative from Minnesota, Ignatius Donnelly published the book named ‘Atlantis: The Antediluvian World’. The book made the claims that Atlantis was in existence.

There is a feeling among the scientists that Plato might well have distorted the elements related to different stories as well as myths, which he had heard. Through, all those, he went on to sculpt the source material into the possible fictional story of Atlantis society, which was an advanced but still a very corrupt society that the gods finished off. The belief is that Plato used this in order to make a philosophical argument. Now, all those who often claimed that they had found Atlantis, should go and read the text. Then, they would realize that Atlantis was not a place but a legend in the true sense.

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