us-china trade agreement is going to take off pressure from fed for cutting rate of interests

US-China Trade Agreement Is Going To Take Off Pressure From Fed For Cutting Rate Of Interests

The geopolitical situation between US-China now becomes a headache for Feds because the country is going through that situation, which requires interference from fed. Trump administration has been continually trying to convince the Fed to cut the rate of interest, but Chairman Jeremy Powell has completely disagreed with Trump on his trade policies. Now a […]

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scientists are doing research on near death experience which many people claimed to exists

Scientists Are Doing Research On Near Death Experience Which Many People Claimed To Exists

Many people shared their stories of the near-death experience, and they told they had witnessed something magical during that situation. Now, after reading so many stories about near-death experience, scientists are trying to figure out the exact reason behind it. Some scientists think that death experience has a neural basis, which means it’s part of […]

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