avicii's father talked about mental health and suicide prevention

Avicii’s Father Talked About Mental Health And Suicide Prevention


Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, recently talked about suicide prevention and mental health issues while launching an organization. Klas Bergling, who is the father of well-known pop singer Avicci, recently decided to open up an organization to help all those people who are suffering from mental health issues. Tim Bergling, AKA Avicci, gave everyone shocked when he left the world, and even his father couldn’t predict something like that. He said that he used to have an in-depth conversation with his son because Avicci used to call him up whenever he was facing any problems.

Klass said that he never had a thought that his son might be going through such severe mental health issues. He mentions that there used to be a lot of deep conversations which even lasted for one or more hours. They used to talk about love, meditation, life, and many other in-depth topics which used to take several times.

Klass thinks Tim’s death is a “traffic accident” because before he took his own life, he was quite happy. He couldn’t predict the reason behind his death because he never gave any signs of having a mental health issue. Klass said if a person is too much happy, then it’s not going to last that much and even small things might make them sad. Now whatever happened with Tim, his father doesn’t want others to suffer the same loss, and that’s why requesting lawmakers to focus on these issues. He said that county’s lawmakers should give more importance to mental health issues which are getting ignored by many people. Kim wants to raise money for his foundation, which he is later going to help all those needy people who are going through some hard phase.


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