Because Of Failed Trump-Kim Summit North Korea Executed Five Officials

Because Of Failed Trump-Kim Summit North Korea Executed Five Officials


One of the worst things about living in North Korea is that you might get killed if your work is not upto the marks. Yes, that’s what happened in North Korea recently because that country has recently executed those five officials who failed Trump-Kim summit. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, who is famous for his blunt actions had taken this decision when his officials were unable to execute February summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A newspaper in South Korea Has confirmed the news of execution of Kim Hyok Chol, North Korea’s special envoy to the U.S. along with four other officials. Two months ago, Kim was supposed to meet and hold a summit with trump in Vietnam, but because of improper planning, the execution did not go well. The summit which was supposed to bring a good trade agreement between these two countries couldn’t bring it, and Kim blamed it on his executors.

North Korea and the U.S. have a bitter relationship because Kim Jong Un is trying to test a hydrogen bomb, which could be a more significant threat not to the U.S. but also a whole world. President Trump has tried his best to negotiate with Kim Jong Un and build a good relationship with North Korea. Kim Jong Un has abruptly said that he is continuously going to test the nuclear bombs because he thinks there is a threat to North Korea from the US and other countries.

Kim Hyok Chol was a personal advisor to the Kim Jong Un who even met president trump and discussed matters of Nuclear bomb with him on behalf of his leader. Now this execution is the ultimate indication of how much cruelty North Korea’s dictator possess. US government needs to resolve matters of nuclear tests with Kim Jong Un quickly.

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