Cancer May Get Treated Through the Self Destructive System of Our Body

Cancer May Get Treated Through the Self Destructive System of Our Body


Each and every day, millions of cells in our bodies manage to kill themselves and then quickly get removed. Even if the mechanism sounds a bit dramatic, it is actually for our own good. This particular process makes sure that those potentially harmful cells go on to destroy themselves and thus protect us from getting plagued by diseases. The cancerous cells can protect themselves from getting self-destructed by totally ignoring our immune system’s signals regarding the death of cells. This is exactly what makes this disease such a dreadful one. Now, with the advancement of medicine, the cases of cancer getting diagnosed have kept on rising.

Scientists from Northwestern University have recently made a discovery of one type of genetic killing code in cells, which could very well be used to treat cancer without chemotherapy. In 2017, scientists managed to discover that cells in a human body contain a code that can trigger the death of cells in a programmed manner. Recently the researchers said that they have managed to figure out how this particular code works. The new study shows that the code is available as information in RNA and microRNAs. The minute RNA or Ribonucleic acid molecules can be very effective towards killing cancer cells. The researchers could make out that cancers were not able to develop any kind of resistance towards the molecules. Thus, it happened to be a potentially viable way to treat tumors.

The probability of the approach was quite distinctly clear to the scientists. It was because the molecules help to destroy numerous genes, which the cancer cells require to survive. We are all aware of the kind of side-effects, which chemotherapy possesses. Now due to this reason, the primary focus of the study was not to develop a new toxic substance. The researchers basically wanted to use such a mechanism that managed to develop naturally, which already exists within us that only need to get activated. The next step would be to incorporate this particular mechanism into any brand new therapy. Now, as the method has not got tested on animals, leave aside the humans, it could take several years. Still, this can well be a revolutionary step in people’s fight against cancer.

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