China Has Started Investigation Into FedeX Amid Trade War

China Has Started Investigation Into FedeX Amid Trade War


Trade war is getting quite dangerous every day because recently, China has started an investigation into FedEx. A few days ago a report came which stated that FedEx has wrongly sent the package of Huawei to USA which was supposed to go the other Asian country. Huawei is that tech company which has suffered a tremendous amount of money because of this trade war issue. Now the Chinese government is trying to investigate this whole matter who is not going to leave it that much easier.

According to Chinese officials, FedEx has wrongly sent those packages to the USA is not an ordinary thing and they are suspecting that courier company is helping US government to give confidential information about China. FedEx has officially released their statement in which they said it was a mistake which they did. However, even though that could be a mistake, it’s not going to stop China to investigate this company. Trump administration has already banned Huawei, which is making lots of problems for this tech giant company. Now it seems like China also wants to do the same, but in another way.

Those Huawei’s parcels were supposed to send to Japan, but FedEx sent it to the USA, and now Huawei is calculating its relationship reliability with FedEx. Trade war has made both countries to be suspicious of each other in every manner which is hurting both countries economy. A Chinese government thinks such type of mistakes might have a significant reason and FedEx have violated rules by sending items to wrong address. China has already started to prepare a list of unreliable entities, and it seems like FedEx might be on that list. China’s economy is getting slowed, which is causing lots of problems for its manufacturing and retail companies. Now, this new move of investigating FedEx is going to make things more complicated.

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