Data Leak from Quora Exposes the Personal Details Of 100 Million Users

Data Leak from Quora Exposes the Personal Details of 100 Million Users


Quora, as well all know, is a website where information gets shared. People post different types of queries pertaining to different topics and members provide the relevant information through their answers. Now, the website has announced a data breach, which has exposed the personal details to around 100 million users. In a statement released on Monday, the company said that on Friday, it had managed to discover the unauthorized access to one of their systems by a malicious third party. The Chief Executive, Adam D’Angelo wrote in a blog post that Quora had issued an alert to the law enforcement agencies. He also said that they were working quite rapidly to carry out a proper investigation over the incident. The organization is taking appropriate action to avoid these kinds of incidents from occurring in the future.

The Chief Executive even mentioned that they were putting in the work needed to caution all those users of the website, who have been adversely affected. The data leak is supposed to have exposed the users’ names, email addresses, passwords that are usually encrypted. To go with all these, the public content like the questions they had put up, the answers that they had given and different kinds of comments were also not spared. D’ Angelo said that all those users would need to reset their passwords. The Executive said that the organization has identified the root cause behind the incident and they are taking the necessary steps to address the issue. He said that their investigation is in the process and they will keep on making improvements related to the security.

This data breach follows right after the larger as well as a lot more harmful data breach, which affected the clients of Marriott hotels. It was on 30th November, when Marriott disclosed about an exceptionally large data breach for close to 500 million guests. They had booked a reservation at Marriott’s properties of Starwood. The data breach of this magnitude made it one of the largest cyber-attacks to ever hit any organization. The hotel said in a statement that they had made the discovery of unauthorized access to the database back in the year 2014. One who did the mischief had copied, encrypt information and also took the necessary steps to remove it.

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