Disney Has Geared Up For Its Rivals Netflix And Amazon

Disney Has Geared Up For Its Rivals Netflix And Amazon


Movie streaming business is getting interesting because soon Disney is going to make a massive amount of changes into this industry. So far we have heard about Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu but from November 2019 you are going to listen more about Disney. Disney is that company which is ruling over the entertainment industry from last many years, and now it wants to enter into movie streaming business. Technology advance has made users shift their focus from watching movies on TV to a web, which is the primary reason why Netflix is used by more than fifty million people alone in US.

The entertainment industry is now completely changed because people nowadays are ready to pay a few amounts of bucks per month to watch a movie. Disney is spending a considerable amount of money to create its movie streaming platform, Disney+. The company is trying to develop more new film along with those which it already owns. Fox Star studio has been recently got acquired by Disney which means the company will now have full rights over all famous movies of Fox star.

Star Wars and Marvel shows are going to hit first on Disney, which might create more buzz among movie lovers. Netflix and Amazon are those two companies which are fighting with each other to gain the most number of users. However, with the entry of Disney, we can say that movie streaming industry might be getting a revamped. Users like competition because at that time, it provides a bunch of quality services that too at low prices. Disney+ is going to be a lot cheaper than Netflix, which could be playing a vital role in this rivalry. Netflix to support production of its big budgeted films have increased platform’s prices, and Disney+ has decided to use this weakness of its rival as its main feature.

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