Experts Things Google Has Political Allies to Protect From Antitrust Complaints

Experts Things Google Has Political Allies to Protect From Antitrust Complaints


The legal battle in businesses is famous in US business history. There are have been many cases where US government vs big corporations have fought against each other. Recently the news came about Google getting an investigated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) which shocked many people in industry. Google is that company which is ruling over search engine market from last one decade, and so far, no other company has ever come close to compete it. However, recently, DOJ has started to re-open the antitrust cases against Google to find out some significant faults made by search engine giant company.

However, this is not the first time something like this had happened because two decades ago, Microsoft faced the same faith when DOJ filed a case against Microsoft for breaking some antitrust laws. Now we are saying that trump administration might be behind of this re-opening of Google’s past antitrust cases. Still, Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google, has lots of political allies who are going to protect it in this battle. US politics and businesses have always been against each other at some time.

When court declared the results about Microsoft, it damaged company’s goodwill significantly, and some experts believe something like might happen to Google also. Google has got lots of fine for breaking GDPR rules in Europe, which negatively affected the company’s revenue for some period. Now the US Department of Justice is trying to build a strong case after doing scrutiny of company’s past activities. Even if Google has right political alliance with itself, it would be hard for the company to beat DOJ who have always won in such type of antitrust cases. Tech giant company Google is trying to shift its core business, and that’s why investing in new startups like Waymo, but it seems like the biggest obstacle for Google is US government.

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