Experts Think Google Should Be Afraid Of US Government

Experts Think Google Should Be Afraid Of US Government


When it comes to monopoly, there are very few companies which are ruining the industry. Google is that search engine company which almost has a monopoly over search engine industry. From last ten years, the company hasn’t faced by any significant problem from its rivals. Even though Microsoft tried to build Bing, it has failed miserably to beat Google. However, such type of success might be creating more problem for Google. US Department of justice is trying to open a case on Google about antitrust issues.

Google has been accused of leaking its users’ data to advertising agencies and because of which it had to pay a considerable amount of money to the EU. Now the US Department of justice thinks this matter shall be studied and determined the reliability of using Google. However, this is not the first time US government has been suspicious of Google because back in 2013, Google has been accused of antitrust laws for data breaching.

Other tech companies which have a monopoly shall also be worried about this action of US Department of Justice. Facebook is that tech company which was recently investigated by government when they found about Cambridge analytica scandal. Google, on the other hand, has a full monopoly over search engine because more than 90% of the people use company’s platform. Google had to pay billions of dollars to the European Union when it’s been found that the tech company was showing misleading results to users.

Advertisers spent a considerable amount of money on this search engine to sell off their product but instead google promoted its own products. GDPR is brought by EU to protect the data privacy of users, which indicates government regulations are getting stricter on Google, which is the reason why this tech giant company should get afraid.

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