Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talked to CNN

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talked to CNN


A bombshell report related to Facebook has come up once again. So, the executives are coming over to the cable news. On this occasion, instead of Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given an interview with CNN Business. Surprisingly the tone which surfaced out of Zuckerberg was not close to being apologetic as it was noted earlier in the year after news came out regarding Cambridge Analytica. What has been seen of late, the CEO did not directly address most of the claims that were made against the behavior of Facebook but rather went on to characterize them in general as completely inaccurate. He said, each and every claim was not clear to him, for which he could say that the report is right. He referred to the article in the New York Times, which kicked off the latest round of criticism.

Zuckerberg was even not willing either to change his position in the organization or even step down as its leader. The Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg said that she hoped to work together with Zuckerberg for a number of decades to come. TechCrunch has come up with the reports that an internal memo has shown that the outgoing head of policy, Elliot Schrager take total responsibility for the company to hire Definers. Definers is a Public Relations firm that spread negative publicity related to the competitors and even pushed all those angles, which linked George Soros to critics. In the memorandum, Schrage even said that Facebook even asked them to carry out work related to George Soros. The PR firm, Definers even managed to reach out to members of the press, hence showing the Soros even made funding to all those people who had criticized the company.

The memo did not go on to mention similar kinds of firms or the type of work they carried out. Still, Sandberg said the some of the work that they did, had remained incorporates into all those materials, which were presented to her. She even mentioned of having received a small number of emails where the reference of Definers was mentioned.

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