Facebook Denies Having Ordered Executives to Use Android Phones

Facebook Denies Having Ordered Executives to Use Android Phones


Facebook has denied the report from the New York Times where the social media giant was accused of an issue related to Android Phones. It said that CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave orders to the executives of his company to only make use of Android phones. The report clearly suggests that this was somewhat due to a strained relation between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg. During the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, with regard to the issue of privacy, Cook was asked what he would do if he was in place of Zuckerberg. Tim Cook replied by saying he would not put himself in a similar situation as Apple had a totally different approach towards privacy. To this, Zuckerberg had hit back at Cook by saying that Apple was making a profit out of their customers.

Now, a new statement that surfaced today, Facebook has denied most of the claims made in the story published by the New York Times. This includes the idea that Zuckerberg issued orders to any of his staff to stop using their iPhones. The company has said that they encourage the use of Android and this is not really a new policy, which is getting implemented. The story consisted of one of the bigger claims. It was regarding the fact that Facebook did not respond swiftly to pinpoint the Russian abuse of their platform to meddle in the Presidential Election of the United States. The company refused the claim by saying that there is no truth in the statement.

Facebook said that the New York Times reported of them knowing about Russian activity during the spring of 2016 but the social media channel was slow to investigate it at every turn. The CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Congress that, in the lead up to the Day of Election in November 2016, they managed to detect and also deal with different kinds of threats related to the relationship with Russia. He said that they even noticed of new when the accounts related to a group known as APT28, which remained under the banner of DC Leaks, went on to create fake accounts that got used to providing stolen information to the journalists. Facebook took prompt action to shut down those accounts as they were violating their policies.

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