For the First Time a Chinese Spacecraft will Land on the Dark Side of Moon

For the First Time a Chinese Spacecraft will Land on the Dark Side of Moon


A spacecraft from China is all set to land on the dark side of the Moon, for the very first time in New Year. Chang’e-4 that launches on 8th December is hopeful of investigating the far end of the Moon’s surface and carry out the first set of investigations into whether there will be a growth of plants. The mission will include a lander along with a rover. It will leave the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in the province of Sichuan and make an entry into the Moon’s orbit before it touches down in a huge crater close to the South Pole of the Moon.

The Spacecraft will take a look at the region that surrounds the site of landing and then goes on to measure the Moon’s layers by making use of radar technology. The rover is also hopeful that they will manage to measure the composition of mineral, which is present on the Moon with the help of an infrared spectrometer. This might help geologists to understand the processes that could have been involved during its early evolution. If the landing turns out to be successful, the spacecraft, Chang’e-4 will also move ahead to conduct the first-ever experiments based on radio astronomy from the extreme side of the Moon.

Dr. Carolyn van der Bogert is a planetary geologist at Westfalische Wilhelms University in Munster, Germany. He said that this particular mission is extremely significant as well as a very important accomplishment in the exploration of Moon. It was back in the year 1959 when the first photo of the far side of the Moon was taken. The photo was captured by the unmanned spacecraft, Luna 3 of the USSR. Still, no space program has ever managed to launch a rover on it. China has set their sights on a relay satellite, Queqiao, which will move ahead to communicate with Chang’e-4.

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