Goldman Sachs Have Predicted The Situation Of Global Trade War

Goldman Sachs Have Predicted The Situation Of Global Trade War


The current situation is not only good for China or US but every other nation in this world also. The whole world right now is watching a deadly trade war which is taking over the entire world’s economy down. Recently Goldman Sachs revealed their prediction about current situation, and that’s a not a good picture of news for every reader. Goldman Sachs said that trade war of US-China might go on a global level if Trump decides to put a tariff of more than 25% on Chinese goods.

The United States of America is that country which is enjoying its superpower form last many decades. However, China is that Asian country which is surpassing US in every business sector. Now to stop that country from getting ahead, Trump has started a trade war which is now getting an ugly turn. Nothing good has come out of this tariff tensions between the two countries, which means both countries are on losing side.

However, according to Goldman Sachs, the whole world shall be worrying about this situation. Since this geopolitical situation might start another great recession for which we might not have prepared yet. If Trump levies that much amount of tariffs on China, then the Asian country is not going to stay silent. China is going to retaliate to this move of US by attacking US-based tech companies like Apple, Tesla, who have a significant market in China. Trump has threatened Mexico’s and even India also of additional tariff.

If both India and China come together in this trade war, then it would be hard for Trump to win it. However, if things get continuously at this rate, then we would be able to see a global trade war. Since now more than four countries are getting involved in this trade dispute in future there would be more than just four states.

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