Google Maps Adds a Messaging Feature

Google Maps Adds a Messaging Feature to Chat with Businesses


Google Maps has long emerged from being merely a tool that helps you navigate from one place to another. Now there are features like ‘group planning’ that helps groups to choose a place for meeting, and the ‘follow-button’ for businesses that help you follow a business or location the way you follow a social media account Also, there is the option to share your ETA with friends or family, and the redesigned ‘Explore’ section gives you recommendations about restaurants and other places to visit. Though there is criticism that Maps is burdened with features so that navigation becomes slow and labored, the messaging feature looks interesting and useful. The feature helps you interact with businesses you plan to visit, to find out details that are not there on their website.

The feature will enable the user to text with the business that has enabled messaging to find out more about the product or service that you are looking for. All the user will have to do is to tap the ‘messages’ button on Business Profiles on Maps and Google Search. To facilitate this, businesses will have to install the new Google My Business app from Google Play or App Store. Using the feature, the user can check the availability of products, find out details about it, place an order and fix a time to pick up the order. What makes the feature handy is that all these can be done without leaving Maps.

Businesses also will find the messaging feature on Maps very useful. All they must do is to install the recently introduced Google My Business app, which is free. Everything they already do in their web account can be done with the app. Also, using the ‘enhance’ features available in the app, they can create a standout Business Profile. And, using the Profile Editor, they can easily update it with new business details. They can also add photos, improved with a range of filters and post them directly using the Profile Editor. Using the Customer tab, they can also get to know their customers better, and interacting with them will be simpler and easier.

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