Greg Kelly Believes That Carlos Ghosn Was Properly Compensated

Greg Kelly Believes that Carlos Ghosn was Properly Compensated


Greg Kelly, who is a former executive of Nissan Motor, has got arrested along with the ex-chairman of the organization, Carlos Ghosn. Now, Kelly has come up with a statement saying that there was no wrong in the kind of compensation, which was given out to the ex-chairman. Rather, the amount was absolutely perfect. This report was pulled out by NHK, the Japanese broadcaster on Saturday.

Since his arrest on Monday, this was the first comment given out by Greg Kelly. He also went on to say that he had always worked by keeping in mind the good of Nissan and not just to go by whatever Carlos Ghosn instructed. The Japanese prosecutors said that both Greg Kelly and Carlos Ghosn hatched a conspiracy to state a lower amount of compensation for Ghosn by around half of the 10 billion yen, which he earned at the organization for more than five years since the year 2010. The company has even gone on to cite a number of other infractions. As per the report, Greg Kelly said that the compensation of the former chairman of Nissan was discussed with all those in the related department. Once they were through with the discussion, the process of giving out the compensation was carried out in an appropriate manner. He once again stressed on the fact that he was not just looking to carrying out the orders meted out by Carlos Ghosn, the chairman. Instead, his main intention was to work for the good of the organization and hence, he was doing just that.

On Thursday, the board of Nissan voted in a unanimous manner in favor of removing Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelly from their positions. Both the individuals got arrested after an investigation by Nissan managed to uncover the evidence of some serious wrongdoing related to the understating of the remuneration amount and also with the use of company’s assets for personal purpose.

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