housing prices differs a lot in various states of the usa

Housing Prices Differs A Lot In Various States Of The USA


When you want to live in a country like the USA, one thing which you would like to have is a sweet home. There are millions of people who are living in the world’s largest nation, and one common problem which they have faced is owning a house property. There are many states in the United States of America where you can get home very cheap, but that doesn’t mean the prices of homes are going to be the same in every other state.

A new report shows that a person can get a house in some states even if they are earning less than $12000, but the same amount might not bring even a single room in other expensive states where prices of housing market are high. The USA is that country which comprised of more than 52 states, and because of economic barriers and job opportunities, each state is relatively different in the housing market.

In a recent survey, it’s been found that Hawaii is that state where you will need to earn more than $650000 per annum on an average to own a decent house property. Now even if this amount is two times more than the average income of ordinary American still the demand for houses in Hawaii is at its peak. There are some states like West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, where one can buy a decent house for less than $150000. However, when we move to states like Colorado, Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii, the same amount can’t even buy a single room. The housing market is stagnant in a majority of the states, but in some housing property is scarce, and that’s why the prices are soaring up. Since majority of the top expensive cities involves high cost of living and that’s a primary reason behind such high rates in house properties.

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