Instagram Gets Walkie-Talkie Voice Messages to its DMs


The photo-video sharing app and sister app of WhatsApp has just added a new feature where you’re allowed to send a voice message to your friends, followers or to anyone you want to. This new feature allows Insta users to send each other audio messages. And you can send the message up to a minute long in private or in group chats. The latest update is rolling out for Android and iOS users.

People with the feature can now record whatever the message they want to deliver by holding down the microphone button and it will then send automatically to the other user once you release the button. Thus if you aren’t much confident about sending your message or would like to re-record any message then you’re given an option to slide your finger over to the trash button. And this way it’ll get deleted automatically and you can re-record your message.

Instagram is a little late to the game by bringing voice messages to Direct Messages. Facebook being a parent company of this app has had the voice messaging feature in its Messenger for years. The new feature of voice message is the preferred method of communication on platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat. This addition to app may be a welcome feature for many users.

Just as in WhatsApp, you can send a voice message to DMs on Instagram. This is a great option for people who don’t want to use their hands on typing or are too busy to type anything. It is available for Android and iOS users. Give it a try and talk to your insta friends without relying on live chats.

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