iOS Users Can Now Download Files up to 200MB Over Cellular Network

iOS Users Can Now Download Files up to 200MB Over Cellular Network


iOS users are subject to the restrictions placed by Apple over its ecosystem. One such limitation was the download limit for the files over a cellular network. All of the iOS-based devices had the download limit of 150MB over the Cellular network. Restrictions were not applicable for some of the most popular apps on the App Store like Facebook, Google, and others which are already more than 150 MB in size. So, the favorite apps can be downloaded easily and had no restrictions applied to them.

But other file formats and the third-party apps had the download limit of 150 MB, which Apple has changed now. With the latest update, the users can now download the files up to 200MB over a cellular network. With this limit, the users will be able to download third-party apps and other file formats from the App Store, which have the file size of more than 200 MB. To download the files over 200MB, the users will have to connect to the WiFi network and then proceed with the download. The feature was useful for those who are always using the cellular network to connect to the internet. To stop the data bandwidth exhaustion for mobile network users, the feature is pretty useful.

Popular news portal 9to5Mac spotted this feature first on the Apple App Store. Technically, the download limit for the cellular users is 240MB as the apps do come with the irrelevant assets, and the compression of the app packages cause the size to increase after installation. The change in the download limit is not officially announced by Apple yet but is currently available for all of the users. As this is the server-side update, the users don’t have to install any OS update.

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