jeff bezos and mackenzie bezos divorce has been finalized

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos Divorce Has Been Finalized


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and McKenzie Bezos divorce have reportedly been finalized. A king county Washington judge finalized the divorce between power couple, which gathered a lot of media coverage. Bezos divorce made lots of news when the rumor came out stating that both of them have decided to take separation and it’s going to be one of the costliest divorces in history. McKenzie Bezos is going to receive 4 percent stake or 19.4 million shares at Amazon, which is about one-quarter of their total stake.

One of the key highlights of this divorce is that she is going to be one of the top five richest women in the world. Mckent Bezos is going to receive more than $38 billion, which is far more than many entrepreneurs in the Silicon valley. According to a famous business magazine, she is going to the world’s 22nd richest person and those who think Jeff is going to lose his title of being the world’s richest man are wrong. Jeff Bezos is going to be worth $114.8 billion by having a significant stake in Amazon.

Jeff Bezos found to have an extramarital affair, and that’s why he has decided to part his ways with an ex-wife. The full media coverage on this couple since the news came out about their divorce. It was McKenzie Bezos who first declared the story of her divorce with her ex-husband Jeff. The power couple was in marriage from 25 years, which makes them hard to say goodbye to each other. On the other hand, the business sector was overseeing it because it was carrying news about diminishing Jeff’s net worth. Some predicted that he would lose his title of being the world’s richest man, but in the end, he is still what he was earlier.

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