jeff bezos is trying to build space colonization with blue moon

Jeff Bezos Is Trying To Build Space Colonization With Blue Moon


We are going to build space colonization up there is said by very few entrepreneurs, and one of them is Jeff Bezos. Amazon is conducting post-MARS (Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space) conference in Las Vegas, where they have shared some of the best upcoming technology which is going to change the future. Jeff, along with other experts, shared this stage to talk about his vision to build first space colonization. He also mentioned his plans with Blood Moon, which is going to play a vital role in building the first space colony.

Many experts on that panel shared the same stage, and many of them asked Jeff questions regarding future of humanity. Jeff said that robots are going to be more accessible in next years and they would be able to grasps object as well as humans beings also in future. Jeff is trying to enter into space industry from a long time, and even after receiving much criticism, he has finally decided to go with his space colonization project.

He thinks the company Blue Origin is going to be used to build a required infrastructure for humanity’s first space colony. Space colonization has always been a controversial topic because some think it’s possible, but many think it’s a waste of money. Elon Musk says a few days ago said something like that when he mentioned Jeff for creating an unrealistic hope for space colonization. However, Jeff is quite sure about his vision, which is the main he said that nowadays, one could not start a space company from their dorm room. The cost of building such type of companies are extremely high because of the lack of infrastructure. He thinks Blue Origin is going to play a vital role since they will be able to create entire support for upcoming space companies.

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