Lack of Vaccinations Causes the Burst of Chickenpox in North Carolina

Lack of Vaccinations Causes the Burst of Chickenpox in North Carolina


According to the Buncombe County Health Department, an outbreak of chickenpox among students at Asheville Waldorf School in North Carolina has gone up to 36 cases till Monday. They believe that vaccination exemptions played a major role and acted as the contributing factor. The Health Department has been constantly monitoring the situation since the end of last month. Asheville Waldorf School is a part of an educational movement, which subscribes to a particular philosophy. The philosophy has its focus on physical activity and learning by way of carrying out hands-on assignments.

Chickenpox is a disease, which can be quite a contagious disease. It causes itchiness, rashes, tiredness and also fever. The disease occurs as a result of the varicella-zoster virus and a vaccine got introduced in the year 1995. Babies who are within 12 months to the 15 months age group, two doses of the vaccine are provided. Then once again when the child attains the age of 4, right through till 6 years of age. The vaccines are around 90% effective in preventing chickenpox. North Carolina requires that all those children, who attend schools, must get vaccinated. The State gives permission for both religious as well as medical exemptions. Overall, the state notices around 1.2% religious exemptions among children, who get enrolled in kindergarten. School requires all those affected children to stay back at home, whereas the classmates of a contagious student should stay at home for 21 days. The Health Official, Dr Mullendore said that as and when children receive one dose of vaccine for chickenpox, they can immediately return to school.

A survey by Pew suggests that most of the American agree to the fact that vaccines are indeed quite safe for healthy children. Another survey carried out by the Pew Research Center survey in 2017 showcased that 88% of Americans believed that the benefits of vaccinating children against different problems like mumps, measles and rubella tend to outweigh the risks. Dr Mullendore said that the happenings at Asheville Waldorf show the result when a population is not immunized, as they do not receive the vaccination. It provides an opportunity or the infection to get inside that community and spread easily

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