Magnetic Eye Implants Can Help Save the Eyesight of Glaucoma Patients

Magnetic Eye Implants Can Help Save the Eyesight of Glaucoma Patients


Patients suffering from Glaucoma can make use of implants to treat this particular condition. The implants can drain the eye but unfortunately, the current technology hardly lasts more than a few years due to the accumulation of microorganisms that hamper the functionality. A team from Purdue University may have found quite a clever technological solution, which is through magnetism. The group has developed quite a smart implant that helps to clean itself with micro actuators. These micro actuators vibrate whenever one tends to induce a magnetic field. It will not only be much more reliable but also could well be customized as per the patients’ needs.

What’s more, the implant also has the ability to change their resistance of flow. Doctors will be able to easily customize the device for specific people and keep it totally updated as the condition of glaucoma changes over a period of time. This is unlike many other types of implants. Now, this mechanism can well go on to ensure better eyesight for all those suffering from glaucoma, for a much longer period of time.

There is no news as to when people might actually get to see this technology in the field. In reality, it is more than only a kind of project in the laboratory. As of now, the scientists are trying to get the technology patented. They are even hoping to find some companies, who might be interested in providing a license to it. In case, that happens, then we can be in for a complete revolution in the field of treating glaucoma patients. The brand new implant can very well go on to become the most sought-after treatment method for glaucoma patients, who would otherwise need to settle down for kind of solutions, which are temporary in nature.

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