Microsoft Updates Office Apps for Mac, Brings Dark Mode On


Microsoft has today updated its Office suite for Mac applications that includes MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint also supports Dark Mode on macOS Mojave and has updated many other new features. The tech company has made these new updates live to both Office 365 subscribers and to those who’ve purchased Office 2019 for Mac.

The new features make it easy for users to insert an image from an iPhone or iPad to a PowerPoint slider. It can be done by using Apple’s latest Continuity Camera feature. The update permits people to control-click in PowerPoint window where you would like your photo to appear. Now you can quickly take a picture on a nearby iPhone or iPad and then import it to your PP slide.

If you don’t know how to update your Mac apps then you better go to the Microsoft AutoUpdate mechanism which is located under ‘Help’ button where you’re required to check for Updates in every application. To know more about new features, go through the Office for Mac version 16.20 release notes.

You can find the updates from MAU (Microsoft AutoUpdate) but if you do not then start an Office application such as MS Word and then go to Help and check for Updates. In case, you’re the admin of the system then you can download and deploy the update packages for every app. In Outlook, you can share your calendar with your friends and colleagues. Also, you can turn off forwarding your meetings to others and prevent attendees. With the new update, you can view who’s coming to the meeting or event in your calendar. You can also work only with remote reams by using Outlook.

Microsoft Auto Update has updated security catalogs to contain SHA-256 hashes despite SHA-1.

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