Most of the Americans Like to Sit Too Much, Says CDS

Most of the Americans Like to Sit Too Much, Says CDS


We all have heard from our health experts to do some exercise; only a few people follow this old advice, but according to the study conducted by the US center of disease control and prevention (CDS), it was found that more than one out of four Americans sit for more than eight hours in a day.  CDS recently researched how many people prefer to exercise, and according to the researchers, 4 out of 10 adults don’t like to do any exercise. There are very few people in America who takes proper care of their health, and as per CDS, 1 out of every 10 US residents do unhealthy things and they are those who sit more than eight hours a day without any physical activity.

When a person sits for that much amount of time on a daily basis then it starts impacting their health in a negative way. Many health specialists recommend ordinary people to get engaged in physical activities even if their work requires them to sit for extended hours. The US center of disease control and prevention revealed that such kind of behavior have been found among adults and especially in those people who work at corporate offices since they have to spend most of their time at only one place. Out of all those people who were being surveyed by researchers, there are only 3 percent people who said that they sit for less than 4 hours and also do exercise on regular basis.

The government has always been promoting health programs in which they continuously try to motivate people who need exercise. Health issue has always been a severe topic for all the US citizens because this country is already facing the problems of obesity which can be cured only by doing exercise.

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