Oppo to Launch Smartphones with in-Display Selfie Camera

Oppo to Launch Smartphones with in-Display Selfie Camera


The Notch design implemented first by Apple is a horrible innovation to smartphones, in my opinion. The ugly notch had brothers and sisters like punch hole notch, teardrop notch, etc., but they all were ugly. To counter the negative feedback from the users about notch design, the companies tried to introduce the alternatives to notch with mechanical solutions like pop up selfie camera. With the selfie camera that pops out of the case and retracts back is a fascinating innovation. But now, Oppo has gone way too far by showing-off a device with the in-display selfie camera.

The in-display selfie camera is first of its kind from the Oppo and other smartphone manufacturers. Oppo’s VP Brian Shen shared a small video on Chinese social media site Weibo. In the video, we can see the in-display camera demo footage. The reviewer shows the in-display camera by starting the camera and then moving his finger to denote the location of the camera on the screen. It’s a non-mechanical solution to add the front camera without sacrificing the space and allow it for an edge-to-edge display. According to the statement from Brian Shen, the in-display front-facing camera will work like the in-display fingerprint sensor from OnePlus.

As this is the first look of the technology from Oppo, Brian Shen said that the technology is under development. There is a lot of work to be done with the camera performance. Just after we spotted the video clip from Oppo, Xiaomi took the chance and entered the race by posting a clip, which showed a device with no mechanical pop-up camera or notch. The video indicated that it has an in-display camera too, but nothing can be seen in the video. Xiaomi President, Lin Bin shared the video meaning it has the significance and certification of authority as President itself posted the video.

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