Presence of Harmful Levels of Vitamin D Results in Dog Food Recall

Presence of Harmful Levels of Vitamin D Results in Dog Food Recall


Sunshine Mills is the maker of different brands of pet food. They are now recalling three of their products related to puppy and dog food, citing the reason that they could possibly contain a high amount of Vitamin D. It is known that high levels of Vitamin D can result in serious health hazards, which include kidney failure. The company, through a statement, said that the brands, which have got affected, are Evolve, Sportsman’s Pride and Triumph. The details are also posted on the website of the US Food and Drug Administration. The company further stressed the fact that the consumption of foods containing Vitamin D can lead to some very serious health problems even in dogs including kidney dysfunction. The symptoms related to the problem could be vomiting, an increased amount of thirst and hence leading to urination, loss of appetite, excess salivation along with weight loss.

The brands, Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food, Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food and the Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food from Sportsman’s Pride, which carries a sticker of Best Buy Date Code of 1st November 2018 through 8th November 2019 are affected. Hence, they must not be given to the pets. All those dogs, who have consumed them and show up any kind of symptoms mentioned earlier, should go on to see a veterinary doctor. All those consumers, who have bought the products that are recalled, can return them to the seller and ask for a refund. The company has issued a statement saying that no other products of Evolve, Triumph or Sportsman’s Pride are affected.

There are a number of other makers, who have also issued the recall of dog food products in recent times. All those recalls are linked with the possibility of containing high amounts of Vitamin D. The makers include Elm Pet Food, which makes use of the facilities used by Sunshine Mills. ANF Inc., Nutrisca, Natural Life and the grocery chain or Lidl have also come up to issue similar kinds of recalls for their products, which have the possibility of containing an excess amount of Vitamin D.

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