President Trump Shall Get Impeached Because Of His bad Mental Health

President Trump Shall Get Impeached Because Of His bad Mental Health


Mental illness is becoming common among today’s generation but still not so many people talk about it. Now recently some group of psychiatrists have come together and formed an opinion about US president Donald Trump. According to them, President trump shall be impeached because of his bad mental health condition. Trump is famous for his controversial tweets and even decisions like a trade war.

However, the reason behind such a disruptive behavior, according to psychiatrists, is that he is mentally ill. There is a provision in American law that if the president is found to be incapable of handling his positions as a president, then he shall be impeached. Since the last few months, the political condition in USA has got a massive amount of global media coverage, and that’s because of trump. President Trump has started a trade war with China, which is not getting an ugly turn on US economy. He has even said lots of bad things about many famous people according to his critics the reason behind such behavior is his bad mental health.

Some people even shared their experiment where they mention how weirdly Trump has behaved in front of them. Trump has always been a high critic for his blunt decision, which means this movie could be a political but might true also. There are have been many incidents where Trump said something which made the whole media to criticize him for that. He has been in constant attendance on social media for his controversial tweets about everything. Even though the economy of USA is performing well under his regime, still some people might be thinking his mental health is in danger. His supporters, on the other hand, have said that President trump is in excellent situation and there’s no need of any impeachment.

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