Renault Delays Its Decision About Merger With Fiat Chrysler

Renault Delays Its Decision About Merger With Fiat Chrysler


The automobile industry a few days ago got some shocking news about Renault and Fiat Chrysler getting merged. However, now reports are coming that Renault is still thinking about this decision of merging up with Fiat Chrysler. A few days ago, we received the news about these large automobile companies coming up together for an ally. Renault and FC are one of the largest car making companies in the whole world, and if this merger happens, then it could be revolutionary.

However, in a recent board meeting held at headquarters of Renault, executives have decided to further think about merger offer. Yesterday all key executives of Renault held a general meeting to discuss potential of this merger, and they are going to further discuss this matter again in the next few days. It seems like Renault is still in doubt about getting into a joint venture with FC or not because the company is getting lots of pressure from government and other allied companies.

As we know, Renault is a crucial company of Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan alliance. However, now since Renault is trying to merge its hand with FC, other companies are worried about their business partnership. FC and Renault are those two companies which are trying to shift their core business into making electric vehicles. Now, which is the reason why automobile industry got shocked when both of these companies announced to come together. If they do, then it will be revolutionary merger for both of them since they can quickly produce electric vehicles which are going to be a critical part of future transportation. However, now since Renault executives are still thinking about this merger, it makes it hard for everyone to believe what’s going on. We will undoubtedly have to wait to get to the final report on whether this merger is going to happen or not.

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