Rides are Set to Get Smoother with Improved Assistant in Google Maps

Rides are Set to Get Smoother with Improved Assistant in Google Maps


Google has come up with a new version of Maps through a Google Assistant, which is optimized. The brand new Assistant integration helps to open up newer possibilities along with a superior level of hands-free navigation, all thanks to its new low profile. The update comes up with a new microphone button of Google Assistant containing multiple colors. This is in addition to a new symbol for listening, which appears in an unobtrusive manner right at the bottom of the screen. It is said that the updated version will be available in Maps version 10.41, which is currently getting rolled out.

People who are already familiar with Maps might know that they can use their voice for navigation purposes. There is also a superior level of visual implementation and now Google Assistant comes up with certain additional features. The features include allowing people to play music, send messages through SMS and many other things, without the need to leave the Google Maps application. One can do so by using the hot word OK Google to begin or even by tapping on the icon of a microphone.

Previously, Google had already discussed the integration of Maps and Assistants at I/O conference earlier this year. The changes are basically intended towards helping the drivers focus on the roads, rather than on their handsets. So, in a way, this would allow a lot safer approach in driving as there will lot less chance for the attention of the drivers to get diverted. Thus, people can enjoy a lot smoother rides from now one. Hence, this looks like quite a sensible update indeed. Moreover, this is not the only feature related to the Assistant, which people have seen to get rolled out in the last week.

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