Samsung Strikes the Final Deal with their Employees Affected by Cancer

Samsung Strikes the Final Deal with their Employees Affected by Cancer


Samsung has finally apologized for creating an unhealthy working environment after having passed 11 years of controversy. The unsafe environment meted out for the workers to carry out their activities resulted in quite a number of employees getting affected by leukemia as well as other types of cancers. The company has made a promise to provide compensation to all those workers, who got ill, by the year 2028. This particular announcement has come up after weeks passed since Samsung came to a final settlement with Banolim. Banolim is a group that is representing all the ex-workers as well as the families of Samsung.

The President of the company’s device solutions division, named Kinam Kim conducted a news conference in Seoul, South Korea. He admitted that Samsung indeed failed to manage the threats, which the working environment had posed to the workers’ health in a sufficient manner. There is a Korean activist organization named Sharps. They have documented in excess of 200 individual cases of all those workers, who are suffering illness after having worked at a Samsung plant. According to the statement given out by the organization, close to 70 of those workers had to lose their lives.

The apology and the decision to provide compensation mark the end of the standoff between the companies along with its former employees for more than 10 years. The controversy had started off way back in the year 2007. It was when Hwang Sang-gi, a taxi driver had refused to accept a settlement amount from Samsung for the death of his 23-year-old daughter. She had died from Leukaemia after having worked at a plant of Samsung. The company even admitted that they have indeed failed to respond appropriately to solve issues in their plants in the year 2014. They have now launched a fund. It will help to pay out 100 billion won as compensation to all those employees, who were exposed to the seriously dangerous working environment in the year 2015.

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