san francisco is on the verge of providing free mental health care for all

San Francisco Is On The Verge Of Providing Free Mental Health Care For All


Mental health has always been  a serious concern among many people who are suffering from severe depression anxiety. Citizens of San Francisco are going to get the best mental health services. San Francisco recently launched something called universal mental health care system for those who need psychological help. The city’s council began this service after having a board meeting which lasted for many hours. Accordingly, any person living in the city would be able to get help for their mental problems or anxiety issues.

One of the critical things about this initiative is that one can get 24 hours of support from these people. After announcing such type of service San Francisco have become the first state to launch such kind of free universal mental health service for its citizens. One of the councils of the board said that this service is going to make sure that everyone gets the necessary assistance for their mental illness. In most of the times, they don’t get even required help even after booking an appointment before two or three months.

Reports show that the requirement for mental health services has increased significantly in the city because people who are sick or sleeps on the street is rising. Currently, there is a limit of only 2000 beds for public in case of emergency shelter, but it seems like more people nowadays need such service. The problem of mental illness is quite increasing in many areas of San Francisco because of various reasons. According to a recent health study, it’s been found that private insurance to cover mental health and substance use disorder treatment has been increased by more than 320% from last ten years. Now such data proves that people from San Francisco needed this help from local government.

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