scientists are doing research on near death experience which many people claimed to exists

Scientists Are Doing Research On Near Death Experience Which Many People Claimed To Exists


Many people shared their stories of the near-death experience, and they told they had witnessed something magical during that situation. Now, after reading so many stories about near-death experience, scientists are trying to figure out the exact reason behind it. Some scientists think that death experience has a neural basis, which means it’s part of sleep disturbance. In death experience, people say they saw a flashlight and felt their body is floating in the air. As of now, no scientific study has given answers on why such type of experiences we are getting.

Neurologists think that death experience happens when our brain is still functioning and structurally intact. Experts believe when we are near to death, our brain still works perfectly also during that period, all of those memories which have created in our lifetime flashes in front of us. Even though their body is not functioning well, our brain might be intact, which is the primary reason why people gets death experience.

For examining a group of researchers took a survey online in which they asked 1086 people about whether they had any near-death experience. Many people submitted their answers, and more than 10% of them said they had a real death experience during their lifetime. After examining them, researchers found that many of these participants had a sleep disturbance experience. Experts think that the reason why they had a death experience is because of their health history. The REM sleep is that type of sleep where we do most of our vivid dreaming, and most of the times, these are those people who said they had witnessed a death experience. Even though neurologists are trying to say that it’s our brain, which plays a vital part in the death experience, some people still considered it as a sign of spirituality.


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