Software bug might have exposed photos on 7M users says social media giant Facebook


Social media giant and connecting platform Facebook said on Friday that major software bug might be the reason behind photos of 7M users getting exposed. According to sources, the photos might have got exposed to app developers instead of those that were intended by users. Facebook often allows third-party apps to access user’s photos. In this case, some 6.8 million users granted permission to such apps to access their photos over Facebook. This resulted in user photos getting exposed for over 10 days to app developers. Though the photos were not seen by anyone, still it brought to light once again the chinks in the armor of Facebook data security. This is just one of those other slipups where data of almost 2.30 billion Facebook users was at stake.

Facebook gives access to photos of user’s that are posted on Facebook pages. But in this case, the bug gave developers access to photos of users posted or shared via marketplace and friendship stories. In some cases, photos that users did not post but uploaded on Facebook also got affected. The controversy brought clouds on the face of the world’s biggest social network in a year that was marked by privacy issues.

Facebook hosted a “pop-up” talk to users regarding privacy issues with Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan answering questions to users. The company still has a long way to before making it to the top tier of securing user data on its platform. With Christmas and New Year just weeks away, the festive season could once again be in line for the software bugs to attack social media platform.  According to close sources, privacy issues have not affected the company’s active user base but has slowed down the growth considerably. For this year alone, the company has spent significantly on improving its privacy and security.

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