study found weightlifting is good for burning heart fat than aerobic exercise

Study Found Weightlifting Is Good For Burning Heart Fat Than Aerobic Exercise


A heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in the United states of America because every year, thousands of people die. Now researchers have found an exciting finding that those obese people who do heavy weightlifting exercises saw reductions in heart fat, which increases the chance of getting a heart attack. In this small health study, researchers found that a specific type of heart fat known as pericardial adipose tissue increases the chances of getting a heart attack. Now those people who have been doing weightlifting are benefiting a lot because it’s decreasing heart’s fat at a higher rate.

Also, as compared to people who exercise aerobics, weightlifting has found to be more effective for lowering the percentage of this heart fat. Even though both type of exercise results in a reduction of another heart fat called “epicardial adipose tissue,” but it seemed like weightlifting is still more good for losing fat. Researchers at the Center of Inflammation and Metabolism and the Center for Physical Activity Research at the Copenhagen University Hospital were quite surprised to this result.

There is still no particular reason why resistance training is suitable for burning fats as compared to endurance training. However, in other health studies also, researchers found that resistance training increases muscle mass and basal metabolism. In this study, 32 adults participated who had zero records of heart attack, diabetes, or any other disease. Researchers carefully observed the participants after doing both types of exercises. In the end, it’s finalized that weightlifting is more effective than aerobic training for burning heart fats. In resistance training, the time period is more extended, and participants had to do ten different exercises in it, which will burn extra fat in their body. Even though weightlifting is not suitable for everyone but those who have a clean history of any disease can quickly adapt it and follow a healthy life.


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