study says walking fast can add some years in your life

Study Says Walking Fast Can Add Some Years In Your Life


When it comes to walking, many people like to walk slowly, now that might be because of their weight, or it might be their natural style. However, a new health study found that walking fast can add some years in your life. In this new health study, various factors like weight, body mass index, height were studied, and it’s concluded that those people who walk fast might live more years. Researchers in the UK took the data of more than 475000 adults whose walking behavior was studied carefully by researchers. They categorized these people according to their walking style, and there are namely three types of walks, such as “slow pace,” “steady/average pace,” or “brisk pace.”

A brisk pace is what researchers think a fast walk is because, in it, people usually walk more than 3 miles per hour. The median age of participants was 58.2, and body mass index was 26, researchers carefully observed their walking style. People who follow brisk walking have lived longer than those who opted for a slow pace of walking style.

Women who had fast walking style lived up to the age of 87 years, and those who strolled had lived on an average by the age of 72 years. One of the critical elements in this study other than walking style is the body mass index of participants. On the other hand, men who walked brisk pace had lived up to 85 years, and those who walked at a slow speed had a lifespan of only 65 years. Majority of these peoples BMI was around 21 but the difference between the number of years they lived was more than 21. Usually, people don’t give that much importance to small things like walking behavior, but it hugely effects on their health. Researchers have said that people need to change the way they walk.

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